Company Name: Canadian Pharmacy World
Year of Creation: 2006
Available Stock: Erectile Dysfunction, Acne, Allergy, Cancer, Birt Control
Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Echeck, Wire Transfer
Shipping Options: Regular Airmail
Company Location: Seychelles
Phone Number: +1-866-485-7979
Do they send spam?: Yes
Is Discount Available?: Yes


User Reviews

Worst pharmacy ever!!!

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This is the worst pharmacy I’ve ever met. They do not respond messages or calls saying that they are very busy. Well, they should probably employ more people! They processed my payment 3 weeks and told me I would receive my medications in another 2-3 weeks. It’s too slow! When I asked them to cancel my order, they said it was impossible.

Stay away from them!

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They gave me numerous emails and calls to verify my identity, promised I would receive my parcel in 10 days but 3 days later said the drug was not in stock!!! This pharmacy is not an option for ordering meds.

Not recommended website!

2 5 1
I placed an order, sent a prescription, waited for my parcel to arrive, 3 weeks later I called them asking where my drugs were and they answered they didn’t receive my faxed prescription. I sent them a fax confirmation and they checked their fax machine. It turned out that they DID receive it. They did not even apologize for their mistake, just said I had to wait other 3 weeks to get my medications. I canceled the order. Find another store!

Reliable pharmacy

5 5 1
I’ve used Canadian Pharmacy World three times and been always satisfied with the prompt delivery and low prices. I always scan my prescription and upload it online. No problems! It’s much better than faxing!

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