Company Name: Roman
Year of Creation: Unknown
Available Stock: Erectile Dysfunction, Hair Loss, Premature Ejaculation, Cold Sores, Genital Herpes, Quit Smoking, Enlarged Prostate
Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard
Shipping Options: Express Delivery
Company Location: USA
Phone Number: +1-888-798-8686
Does Roman send spam?: Yes
Is Discount Available: Yes

User Reviews

Expensive Service

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Roman is an expensive pharmacy. There are many other online stores offering the same group of medications at the much more competitive prices. If you want to improve your sexual health it is better to search for another service which is not a ripoff. Save your money buying meds at much more reasonable prices.

Sky-scraper Prices

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This company doesn't value their customers offering such a price for ED meds especially generics. Moreover, you have to pay for an online doctor $15. In fact, the overall expenses are considerably greater than I am ready to spend that's why I prefer to choose another online store.

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