Company Name: Trust Pharmacy
Year of Creation: 2002
Available Stock: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Weight Loss, Antibiotics, Eye Care
Payment Options: MasterCard
Shipping Options: Regular Airmail, EMS
Company Location: Unknown
Phone Number: +1-718-487-9792
Do they send spam?: Yes
Is Discount Available?: Yes


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User Reviews

Nothing to Say

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There are no advantages. I ordered the first time and can’t say anything good.

Non-recommended Service

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It is not the first time that we are buying products from this service. Trust Pharmacy constantly dissatisfies us. Once, the purchased medicine is expired, the tube of ointment is empty … Since the positions were small, I did not pay much attention but should. I cannot recommend this service.

Unreliable Online Pharmacy

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They canceled the order of vital medications right before my vacations. It was explained by technical error. They refused to bring my order in the time promised. I won’t work with Trust Pharmacy anymore.

Poor Quality of Products

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I am not satisfied with the product quality. I bought allergy pills that turned out to be placebo.

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