Company Name: Viamedic
Year of Creation: 2006
Available Stock: Erectile Dysfunction
Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express
Shipping Options: FedEx, USPS
Company Location: USA
Phone Number: +1-877-484-2472
Do they send spam?: Yes
Is Discount Available?: Yes


Posted on December 7, 2018 by

User Reviews

Delivery problems

2 5 1
FedEx left a door ticket but did not call me for a signature, and the delivery was not timely!

Prices go up way too quickly

2 5 1
Prices go up way too quickly – each time I order from it seems like there’s a 10% increase. If they want to have regular customers, they should send them discount coupons or something of this kind.

The manager I talked to was very rude…

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The manager I talked to was very rude and answered my questions unwillingly. He lost his patience when I couldn’t find my coupon code for a discount. So I will prefer to search for another online pharmacy nest time when I need my prescription to be refilled.

I thought it was discrete!

2 5 1
I ordered from because I thought it was discrete but now they have sent medications in a transparent package and that was embarrassing! Not gonna use this website again!

Prices Insane!!!

2 5 1
Fast shipping, good quality but prices are increasing too fast!! I have been a regular customer of Viamedic for over 6 years, but I am going to explore other options for my next order. Their price per dose is incredible!

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