Genegra (Sildenafil)

Common brands: Viagra Strips
Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
Manufacturer: Unknown
Release Form: Strips
Dosage: 25 mg
Quantity: 20 strips
Age: 18 and 64


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User Reviews

Genegra Strips – Effective

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I tried everything: Cialis, Levitra, no effects. Only Genegra Strips provide an effect, I immediately feel a rush of blood to the penis! There is a headache, but not always.

100% Effect

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I bought myself a couple of pills to impress my girlfriend. Usually, you will bring orgasm to your partner you will be tormented in such a way not to be happy. But when taking a pill you fuck her, and you feel like a master. Apparently she, too, feels something like. In general, I recommend Genegra.

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