Genegra (Sildenafil)

Common brands: Viagra Strips
Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
Manufacturer: Unknown
Release Form: Strips
Dosage: 25 mg
Quantity: 20 strips
Age: 18 and 64


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User Reviews

Great Effect

I tried Genegra and Tadalis. Genegra turned out to be more potent, the effect lasts about an hour, although then it terribly hurts my head. Tadalis is worse than Genegra in that it acts extremely slowly, sometimes it takes 3-4 hours before Tadalis begins to act. Well, it works much weaker.
- Connor

100% Effect

I bought myself a couple of pills to impress my girlfriend. Usually, you will bring orgasm to your partner you will be tormented in such a way not to be happy. But when taking a pill you fuck her, and you feel like a master. Apparently she, too, feels something like. In general, I recommend Genegra.
- George

Genegra Strips – Effective

I tried everything: Cialis, Levitra, no effects. Only Genegra Strips provide an effect, I immediately feel a rush of blood to the penis! There is a headache, but not always.
- Benjamin

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